Osallistuin viime syksynä bodypainting kilpailuun, missä aiheena oli satujen maailma. Valitettavasti en pärjännyt kisassa, mutta koko projekti oli silti hieno kokemus. Iso kiitos assistentilleni Mia Rikbergille ja ihanalle mallille Hiulle.

Hiuksiin hain inspiraatiota Alexander McQueenin SS 10 mallistosta

Last Autumn I participated in a bodypainting competition. The assignment was the world of fairytales. Even though I didn´t win the whole project was a great experience. I would like to thank my assistant Mia Rikberg and my wonderful model Hiu.

The hair inspired by the Alexander McQueen SS 10 show.

Makeup: Forehead foam latex appliances, Wolfe face art & Fx hydrocolors, airbrush by Grex and Air Stream Make-up Matt colors by Kryolan



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